It’s about Children’s Questions

A three-step guide for parenting for school and life success is simply: Read books together Talk about what you read Relax and have fun! Unite for Literacy is naturally all about reading as a foundation for lifelong learning. However, the most powerful aspect of parenting little ones to be successful doesn’t necessarily involve reading at […]

Vocab Gab (or How Kids Learn Cool, New Words)

I often get my blog inspiration from all of the education news and teacher sharing that comes pouring into my computer every day. It surprises no one who knows me that reading is my breathing in and writing my breathing out. I can’t imagine it any other way. It’s all like fresh air to me. […]

Celebrating Libraries, Young Children and Transformation!

We are celebrating two of our all-time favorites during this beautiful springtime week—libraries and young children—as it’s both National Library Week 2016 and National Week of the Young Child. I’m especially drawn to the theme of the American Library Association’s (ALA) library week theme which is Libraries Transform and its corresponding logo, which shows a bookworm changing into a […]

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