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She HATES Reading.

  Hates reading. To an avid reader like me that assertion sounds like she hates living, or hates vacations, or hates spending time with close friends. How is it that a Freshman in college, after 13 years of reputedly solid public schooling hates reading? It’s worth thinking about. If I were going to bring somebody […]

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It’s Screen Time!

It’s common for a new term to take awhile to be refined until it actually means what we need it to mean. For example, we don’t hear about young children’s “screen time” in positive contexts these days. That is because Screen Time is a very broad brush that includes TV as baby sitter, violent video […]


Yesterday was World Literacy Day!

Literacy is always and only about sharing. Sometimes that sharing is between author and reader, between co-authors or among readers, sometimes even between self and future self. So, just to be clear here, there really isn’t “world literacy” without pencils and paper and books in ALL people’s hands. Prior to that happy day, World Literacy […]

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Books are to Share.

I’m a book lover. I read all the time. Nobody loves book reading more than I do. So writing this little piece about how useless books can be is already hard. You’re probably wondering how a book can be useless. Each one is bound to be a “treasure” to somebody. But that value is fleeting […]

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When is Free, Really Free?

The New West Fest was this last weekend in Fort Collins, Colorado. It featured day-to-night non-stop stage bands on several different venues, lots of food choices, virtually NONE of which were good for me, and an entire section for children, away from the music noise and hubbub. Unite for Literacy had a small shade-tent set […]


Interview with Unite for Literacy – KRFC-FM Radio, August 8, 2013

Hear the Unite for Literacy CEO Michael McGuffee and our own best Literacy Advocate Amy Hoeven share the story behind Unite for Literacy and its ambitious, BUT REACHABLE goal for providing books to children everywhere, for free, forever.  Click below to enjoy this five minute interview. Radio Interview  

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Unite for Literacy Interview on Colorado Public Radio August 8, 2013

Holly Hartman, the Publisher at Unite for Literacy was recently interviewed on Colorado Public Radio. The focus was on the Unite for Literacy Library and its multiple language resources. If you missed it or would like to share it with friends or family, click here for the page at and then click “Listen” for […]

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The Library


The Wondrously Infinite Global Library Contains Culturally Relevant Books That Families Can Access Online for Free Fort Collins, CO – – Unite for Literacy, a Fort Collins-based social enterprise, today announced the opening of the Wondrously Infinite Global Library, a free, online library for families everywhere that can be found at Unite for Literacy’s home page.  […]


Picture Book Abundance.

Wait. How should we say that, exactly? Do we say it like, “Picture… Book Abundance” meaning “Can you see in your mind what it would be like for a person to have tons of great books??” Or is it pronounced, “Picture Book …. Abundance” which is kind of the same as A, except its focus […]