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Piecing Together Forever Learning

“Remember that time in 8th-grade science class when Mr. Oetting blew into the pig’s lungs?” “Oh, man! I haven’t thought about that in years. Yes! That was so cool!” Has this ever happened to you? Have you suddenly remembered something that one would think would be unforgettable? Something that once seemed really important or interesting? […]

Charlotte NC by Brian Young

Early Literacy: What’s Your Role?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the folks at Read Charlotte in North Carolina. This is a city-/county-wide effort to connect public, private and civic sectors of that region in addressing the troubling challenge that 60 percent of their children exit 3rd grade without the reading abilities associated with joyful success in school. […]


Language, Literacy and Love

Given the hate-filled event of this past week, it seems the perfect time to remind ourselves of the natural love in what we do here at Unite for Literacy. Providing books—the artifacts of an author’s existence—releasing them to the world, reaching out to others, even across space and through time, nurtures unity in a community. […]

Close Reading

Monkey Read, Monkey Do

This is Get Caught Reading month, according to I’m a big advocate of the do as I do school of education, so providing children with the power of interacting with people who read gets a thumbs up from us here at Unite for Literacy. I like the “show them how and why people  read, […]


It’s about Children’s Questions

A three-step guide for parenting for school and life success is simply: Read books together Talk about what you read Relax and have fun! Unite for Literacy is naturally all about reading as a foundation for lifelong learning. However, the most powerful aspect of parenting little ones to be successful doesn’t necessarily involve reading at […]

Vocab Gab (or How Kids Learn Cool, New Words)

I often get my blog inspiration from all of the education news and teacher sharing that comes pouring into my computer every day. It surprises no one who knows me that reading is my breathing in and writing my breathing out. I can’t imagine it any other way. It’s all like fresh air to me. […]

How You Can Help Close the Digital Divide

Since the late ’90s, Internet connectivity increasingly has been a strategy to equalize education for all children. The lack of connectivity—also known as “digital divide”…the gap between technological haves and have-nots—remains challenging to close. It’s hard to know what to do about that, especially since computers, myriad other e-devices and connectivity are expensive…aren’t they? Maybe […]