Becoming an Avid Reader

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Choose and AbleThe path to becoming an Avid Reader is not linear. Teaching kids to read without teaching them the love of books and the value of reading is a wasted endeavor. It results in possibly capable, but utterly disengaged readers. Engagement and lifetime learning are the point of literacy, not merely achievement. Click the diagram for a closer look.

Why not “Well Read?”

 Bookworm – Nerd – “She’s kind of …you know…bookish”

“It’s such a nice day. Why don’t you go outside and play with your friends?”

Think for a moment about these things that are commonly said about (and even to) avid readers.

Now consider what is also known about the effect that avid reading has on the readers themselves. For example:

  • Reading early in life is a reliable predictor of later avid reading
  • Avid readers are either good readers or on their way to getting good
  • Avid readers read as much as a million more words a year outside of school than reluctant readers do.
  • Rich words are found much more frequently in reading material than in conversation, even among professionals.
  • Avid readers access that richness to fuel their own development
  • Avid reading increases comprehension ability.
  • Avid reading improves writing ability
  • Reading a lot actually makes people more verbally intelligent.

I’d like to use this posting to kick-off a conversation here about Avid Readers, what way down deep we really want for our children in literacy development, and why so many kids don’t actually become “Well read.”

Please join me with your own ideas, stories and experiences.If it’s good for he kids, it’s worth the time.