Picture Book Abundance.

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How should we say that, exactly?

  1. Do we say it like, “Picture… Book Abundance” meaning “Can you see in your mind what it would be like for a person to have tons of great books??”
  2. Or is it pronounced, “Picture Book …. Abundance” which is kind of the same as A, except its focus is not on just any books, but rather on picture books, which are mostly for children or those just learning to read? (You can see an example of B. in the snapshot here from the Center for Children’s Books at the University of Illinois.)

The answer is  A…and it is B!

The phrase, Picture Book Abundance was chosen very carefully by the folks here at Unite for Literacy both to capture the vision of Unite for Literacy to provide that kind of abundance for children everywhere, and also to invite our readers and their families to consider what it would be like to have that kind of abundance in their homes and classrooms. Our wish for families everywhere is to consider that, the time is now to experience literacy riches such as we see here.

We aren’t trying to trick you or to confuse you. It’s just that this phrase so aptly captures the entirety of the work that we do and that it stirs in our readers, especially those from circumstances that preclude book abundance of any kind, the hope that such a collection can be theirs, by regularly visiting our library at http://UniteforLiteracy.com.

Unite for Literacy is very new in this arena and we seek to support every individual, oganization, foundation and business whose life’s work it is to bring reading and writing into the daily activities of families and children around the world. Some do it by working with children or parents. Some are librarians or book store owners, or classroom teachers. Some are actually book authors or book publishers. Each of these is focused on book abundance in one way or another. The role of Unite for Literacy’s Library is to support the earliest of readers and their families so that they will grow into school successes, library patrons, book buyers, and yes, even authors and publishers. In this we are everybody’s best friend.

So, we ask you and those from any of these corners of the earth to join us, use us, share us.

Just Picture Book Abundance!