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The Wondrously Infinite Global Library Contains Culturally Relevant Books

That Families Can Access Online for Free

The Library

Fort Collins, CO – – Unite for Literacy, a Fort Collins-based social enterprise, today announced the opening of the Wondrously Infinite Global Library, a free, online library for families everywhere that can be found at Unite for Literacy’s home page.  The library’s engaging picture books are written in English and narrated in languages spoken in homes across the United States including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese and in more obscure languages such as Karen and Karenni.  Currently, more than 100 digital books shared in as many as 15 languages invite children and parents to experience the power and wonder of reading.

The library holds promise as a simple, effective remedy for one of the fundamental challenges facing literacy today: universal access to relevant books in every home.

“Opportunities for achieving our literacy goals take an enormous leap when young children arrive at the schoolhouse with a love of reading,” said Mike McGuffee, chief executive officer of Unite for Literacy, “Our books can be enjoyed by all children in any home, and they are particularly supportive to those children who currently lack access to relevant books.”

After two decades of working together with colleague Mark Condon, Professor Emeritus from the University of Louisville, McGuffee met Colorado businessman Kurt Hoeven and formed Unite for Literacy.  As a result, they brought together a committed team of educators, writers, mobile technology experts, marketers and business leaders to apply new ideas and resources to achieving the vision of global book abundance.

The word “unite” holds the key to the innovative nature of the team’s approach.  From McGuffee and Hoeven’s perspective, Unite for Literacy is a company with no competitors, only partners: corporations, foundations, non-profits, and concerned individuals.  Through Unite for Literacy’s sponsorship program, these like-minded people come together to provide the resources needed to expand the number of books and languages and to further develop the company’s technology infrastructure.

“The sponsorship model provides a three-way win for society,” said Hoeven. “Families gain a home library of vibrant picture books; non-profit partners acquire an essential and missing resource that closes the literacy gap for under-served families, and sponsors receive measurable forms of return on their investment in the form of recognition and cause-marketing exposure.”  The model also results in a digital library that is freely accessible from any browser.

“Our books are designed to expand, not replace, a home’s traditional print library and to give families greater reading mobility in an ever-growing digital world,” said Mark Condon, vice president of Unite for Literacy.  “When Mike and I first met, we believed that technology could help us reach homes in every community. Today, the narrated audio support is essential in making the books relevant for second-language learners of all ages.”

“My daughter and I have had so much fun reading the books,” said Holland Nelson, a Denver-based mother of three-year old Riley, “and she particularly enjoys selecting the different languages in the books.  I like that we can move through the books at our own pace and at the end of each book, a few additional books are recommended that we might also enjoy,” said Nelson. “I also like the notes that give me tips on how to talk with my daughter about what we learned from the story.”

Unite for Literacy succeeds by partnering with individuals and organizations committed to creating opportunities for all children to become lifelong readers.  “We believe that all children deserve to have an abundance of books in their homes. We are excited to open the Wondrously Infinite Global Library and we invite everyone to share our picture books for free, forever,” concluded McGuffee.

For more information about Unite for Literacy, please contact Angie Dixon at (303) 378-1765 or angie.dixon@uniteforliteracy.com.


About Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy, of Fort Collins, CO, is a social enterprise that unites people to support global literacy.  The company provides a platform where foundations, corporations and non-profits can take a stand to create book abundance and universal access for emerging readers everywhere, for free, forever.