Checking Out Checking Out

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Think of all the places you can Check Out.

Hotels, Hospitals, Grocery stores, and of course Libraries.

Think of all the ways you can Check something Out.Checkout sign2

“Check out that hairdo over there!”

“Sorry, could you repeat that, I must have checked out for a sec.”

“Everything checks out, it’s good to go.”

“Did everyone get at least one book checked out before we go back to class?”

Generally, in the library sphere, this last kind of Checking Out is a huge step. It is where books that have been been around for awhile and have been read perhaps by thousands of people become in a sense, new again. When they are checked out, they are something special for a new reader.

Ours is a digital library of course. Like most libraries in the US our library is free to anyone. We offer a few benefits that brick and mortar library buildings can’t of course.

Our books are what we call “global digital public goods.”

This phrase, taken from a UNESCO document is about resources that are global, available to the world, potentially impacting everyone on the globe.

Mostly science and math, our books deal with topics and subject matter that can be of interest to readers from any place on earth. That’s what makes them Global Goods.

They are public goods, meaning that there are no restrictions placed by our library itself on access to these books. They are for everyone, for free, forever.

The most importantly quality of our books however, is that they are digital. Digital books are often considered somehow “less” than what are often termed REAL books, printed books. But in fact, they are so much more. How much? Infinitely much…and here are three ways how.

Books in the public library are often found to be unavailable because they have already been checked out by someone else in that community. As tangible objects, which must be purchased and cared for by librarians and others working at the library, printed books are finite. They are finite in number. If we have six copies of the latest best seller and they are all checked out, the library doesn’t have any more and patrons have to wait their turns. Further, they are finite in durability. Printed books wear out and are sold or given away by the library, taking them out of circulation eliminates further checking out.

On the other hand, digital books are infinite. They never wear out. If a digital book file becomes corrupted, it can be replaced with a new digital file ad infinitum!

Our digital books are globally infinite in that they reach every corner of the world via mobile networks and the Internet.

Digital books that are free, like our books, also don’t have to be checked out. They can just be discovered and read, any time, 24/7/365.

Finally, though there is only one “copy” of each book in our Wondrously Infinite Global Library, an infinite number of individuals may “check out” (catch that double entendre!) that same book at the same time. There is no waiting list. There is no renewal. There are no fines.

In the Wondrously Infinite Global Library you don’t have to wait until you are finished with a book to recommend it to friends.

So, Check us out!