Happy Halloween from your friends at Unite for Literacy!

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Violet is our unofficial mascot here at Unite for Literacy. Her popularity as the featured “character” of many of our math oriented picture books for young children is nearly legendary.

Violet is at it again!!

Violet is at it again!!

Typically she is involved with basic arithmetic and categorizations, and if those books include food (and they always do), Violet always seems to get confused about the math because the cookies and other sugary bits seem to disappear when she’s around.

Last year we’ve featured her on our Facebook page reading during a snowstorm. Today, when we came to work, she was already decked out in her Haloween costume and seeking the treats that she so completely adores.

As you can see, her little bowl seems never to fill up, no matter how many treats we give her. No wonder she struggles with math. For Violet, 1 + 1 + 1 always ends up equalling zero!