Celebrate Earth…Literally

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Being a literacy guy, reading and writing and books shape the lens through which I see pretty much everything.earthrise

Earth Day comes around every year in the springtime to remind us that momma Earth needs our loving care if she is to sustain our growth.

Here at Unite for Literacy we are all about growing avid readers. Such readers are lifelong learners and it will take lifelong learners to ensure that, individually and as a species, we continue to develop a full appreciation of the Earth and all of its complexities. On Earth Day we invite you to enjoy our dozens of Earth focused books with children—either your own or those in your tutelage.

Now, we can all experience the outer layer of mother Earth, but reading books about its other layers will truly captivate readers, serving to help us understand parts of the earth in ways that most of us will never experience directly.

We can all splash in the Earth’s oceans, but that allows us to enjoy hardly 1/1,000th of its deep blue beauty and grandeur. However, reading the expertise of marine biologists, oceanographers and geologists shared through books provides us with new amazing perspectives. Through reading we can experience safe yet exciting expeditions to contemplate, study, reread, review and share with others.

We can all appreciate the flight and songs of birds, but reading books offers us a convenient way to identify birds and understand the courting and nesting habits of various breathtakingly beautiful feathered species as explained by ornithologists and biologists.

We can all watch our local skies for clouds and precipitation,experiencing the weather in our location directly and personally. However, reading the daily communications from meteorologists and climatologists gives us the opportunity to learn deeply about where weather comes from, how it works, and about its surprises and predictability (or not).

We can all witness others in our communities as we make our separate ways throughout this Earth Day, but by reading wonderful stories from literature and the findings of anthropologists we can share insights about lives lived on the Earth in times and places far beyond our personal reach.

Reading allows us timeless and timely access to our Earth and all of its wonders as together we hurdle through space and time, adults and children each enjoying their own books.

So, celebrate Earth Day as only you can. Read a book.