It’s Almost Book Lovers Day!

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bookloversdayReading and books are about sharing personal stories and knowledge.

In that spirit, being a book lover, I searched online for a few terms that have particular importance to me, personally and professionally: books, libraries and reading.

If you are a person who loves books and reading then you will find the following search results of particular interest. If you are not a person who loves books and reading, then these individuals and organizations will certainly find YOU of particular interest.

Coming at it from either direction, you’re bound to benefit from visiting some of these web pages as we approach Book Lover’s Day 2015 on Sunday, August 9. (By the way, I couldn’t find out who decided that August 9 or a Sunday are good choices for such a day, but in my view ANY day is improved by contact with a beloved or inspiring book.)

Here are, in no particular order, just a few of the resources I found when I conducted my Internet search. Each of these may naturally lead to dozens of related others. Some of these folks are current stars of literacy. Some of the organizations are the source of leadership and professional development in the constant effort to keep literacy alive. See what you think.

Read Aloud 15 Minutes – This is a fiercely committed group of adults determined to help young parents understand the immense power of reading to their little ones and how to do that joyfully.

Donnalyn Miller (The Book Whisperer) – This upper elementary grades teacher is a living example of what one teacher can do to spark full-blown literacy in the most reluctant of readers.

LitWorld – Pam Allyn has created a global organization designed to impact literacy for girls and boys and everybody. She’s impacting 60+ countries with her LitWorld projects.

Little Free Library – This is a wonderful movement to create small library collections in front yards around the world.

Jon Scieszka – Jon is a famous author of Stinky Cheese Man and other classics.

Guys Read – This is a brainchild of Jon Scieszka to support boys in becoming lifelong readers.

International Literacy Association – The largest literacy organization in the world, with councils in every state and around the planet all dedicated to support teachers of reading.

Lester Laminack – Lester is a delightful author and inspirational speaker that takes the side of happy children and joyful literacy, every time.

American Library Association – The organization for librarians of all kinds—school, private, public, college and all the rest.

Books First – This is a small group of families dedicated to making sure every child has books to read and love.

PBC Reading CouncilAlamo Reading Council – Two of hundreds of affiliates of the International Literacy Association.

Read Aloud Delaware – Specifically dedicated to reading with very young children, this is one of hundreds of similar organizations throughout the U.S.

National Council of Teaching of English – From baby talk to teaching English to speakers of other languages, from authors and books to composition and writing, NCTE embraces and supports educational professionals at all levels in promoting the English language and its literature.

Parent ToolKit – This is a resource for parents to support their efforts in being their children’s first and most important sources of promoting love of books.

TED – This huge collection of brief, usually inspirational, often thought provoking “talks” is FABulous! Poke around.

OH! And on Sunday, may I suggest that you take a few moments to reflect upon the potent influence of books on your life to date and to consider further inspiration that awaits you between the covers of books yet unopened?

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