Language, Literacy and Love

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Given the hate-filled event of this past week, it seems the perfect time to remind ourselves of the natural love in what we do here at Unite for Literacy.

Providing books—the artifacts of an author’s existence—releasing them to the world, reaching out to others, even across space and through time, nurtures unity in a community. Additionally…

Reading opens experiential and linguistic doors, charging imaginations, especially of our youngest children.

Authoring invites us to be generous—gratefully accepting and building upon other’s generosity.

Publishing builds sturdy, two-way bridges of enduring connection.Unite_Icon_1500_Master

Listening to each other invites friends and foes into a thoughtful sharing of our deepest selves.

Composing is about crafting person-to-person gifts of ideas via words and images.

Inquiring is about personal exploration and full self-expression with those we already love and those we might.

Conversing invites us to relate and to be relatable, constantly strengthening bonds in ever broadening circles.

Enjoying literature lures, captures and showcases each of us as worthy friends and lovers.

Experiencing another’s literacy must always be free and universally freeing.

Honoring libraries holds us all together in a warm hug of collaborative inspiration and unending possibility.

Let’s never stop celebrating all that we care about and share.


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