Got Rain? Get Books!

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When the dregs from Hurricane Nate drifted up to my home in Louisville, Ky., my wife and I enjoyed a couple of days of lovely soft rain, happy to have missed the torrential rains experienced by gulf coast states in the Deep South.Book 3

The welcome rains came after a several-week dry spell that had lawns turning brown and withering. Instead, the rain left us a soggy yard from over two inches of precipitation and had us constantly drying off our large, long-haired dogs after their required outings. The rainy weather also provided us a nice break from having to do anything in the garden. There was plenty to do inside, of course, like watching football games on Sunday and movies on Netflix, or puttering around the house. But the sweater-cool air and the low hum of rain on the roof left me quiet and reflective, and I decided to spoil myself.

Ahhhh! What a great time to cuddle up in a favorite chair and read!

Book 1My dilemma wasn’t whether to read, but what to read! I had abundant choices. We are surrounded by books in our house, not just on bookshelves, but also in our ever growing collections of digital books on our tablets.

I let my eyes wander over all the delicious options. Should I continue in that 790-page psychology book I’ve been reading about how to motivate readers? How about that new diary collection by David Sedaris? That book on play for all ages is tempting, too.

Nope. My love of exciting mysteries knows no bounds and won out. I select these mostly for their gifted authors or their admired regular characters. Wanting to keep it light and fun, I selected “Escape Clause” by John Sanford, a perennial favorite writer of mine, featuring one of the best cops ever, Virgil Flowers. Flowers is a long-haired wearer of obscure rock band T-shirts, who always drags a fishing boat behind his truck and seems to be a favorite of the ladies wherever he goes. In addition, he’s brilliant and fearless. NONE of which I can personally relate to, so I find his adventures utterly fascinating.Book 2

This book is about the theft of two rare tigers from a zoo and Virgil’s efforts to save the tigers before they are “processed” into very expensive folk medicines by unscrupulous evil-doers. The game is afoot!

Settling in, my drizzly grey blur of a Sunday quickly filled with color and light. It became transformed by fascinating interchanges between Virgil and those always unique characters found in the investigations and inquiries he pursued. Bliss.

Do you experience rainy day boredom at your house? If so, I recommend doing three things:

  1. Get a warm drink or perhaps an adult beverage,
  2. With drink in one hand a your book choice in the other, blissfully lower yourself into a nice warm book that never cools off,
  3. If there are  youngsters in your home, make sure they see you spoiling yourself this way.

Let books brighten your rainy days.


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