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Last September the International Literacy Association (ILA is the largest professional literacy educator organization in the world) released the Children’s Rights to Read, a set of 10 rights associated with Reluctant 2ensuring all children around the globe learn to read books and grow to be joyful readers throughout their lives.

This is not the first time that a “bill of rights” associated with literacy has been written, of course. The Reader’s Bill of Rights  from several years ago articulates one person’s opinion about various important freedoms related to reader independence and literacy. Another, the Reluctant Reader’s Bill of Rights seeks to give developing readers latitude in what they read and how much they read.R to R

However, ILA’s new statement of rights, Children’s Rights to Read, is not intended just to speak for individual children. Rather, it is meant to galvanize the fully literate populations and countries of the world into active and passionate support of the development of world-wide efforts to educate every individual to live a life informed by the great ideas of civilization via wonderful books dedicated to provide those insights to each new reader.

When the ILA launched this effort, it included an invitation for any individual or organization to make public a personal or group commitment to promote and defend these literacy rights. Professional educators are invited to to promote reading within the organizations and populations that they serve, and lead their institutions to adopt a solid and public stance promoting  worldwide reading dedicated to eliminating barriers to the learning and free exercise of this most important of educational achievements.

In recognition and celebration of ILA’s leadership, I am sharing the a link to its website where individuals, families, youth groups, faith-based organizations and businesses of every kind can make a simple, yet powerful commitment to actively promote a rich culture of reading in everything that they do.

Click here to pledge to promote reading

Click HERE to pledge to promote reading*

Click the word HERE to complete your own individual or group pledge of support and publicly state your agreement that “Children deserve access to the education, opportunities, and resources needed to read.” Help create an increasingly safe place for families, schools and communities worldwide, especially in countries such as those found on the United Nations List of Least Developed Countries, to nurture and broadly establish  a culture of reading for speakers of every written language and their communities.

This is a first time chance to take a public stand to support reading. It’s only right.


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