How to Create a Pandemic History Book

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History books are a gift to help us never forget. They are like breathing in at the focus time and then breathing out years later. By recording history we capture a point in time for future reflections.memory box


But writing a history book that accurately reflects the facts is challenging. A well-written, vetted history book takes planning and many revisions to get just right. It’s a big, daunting project.

Thankfully there’s another type of book that can help us capture historical events that is easier, even fun to produce—a scrapbook!

A scrapbook is like a museum on pages. It’s a way to capture an important historic period of our lives through organizing and sharing artifacts of that time and of the people who experienced it. Using two dimensional objects, scrapbooks contain memory-triggers for initiating future reflection. They invite a very special kind of reading, rich with deep conversation, inquiries, and storytelling.

And they’re fun to create! Scrapbooking can be a magnificent project for individuals or whole families to do together. Even small children can participate in scrapbooking. The result becomes a treasure when kids are old enough to sit down, maybe with their own children, to discuss their family’s history.

Now? Really?

During this time when we’re mostly staying at home to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, many of us find ourselves with space in our days for activities such as scrapbooking. So why not capture this historic period in a creative way?

Invite everyone in the home can help make a gift to our future selves and friends. We also can collaborate with fellow quarantiners and others online to create a digital scrapbook.

Take and/or collect photos and items (like a cardboard toilet paper core) and anything else that could trigger vivid memories that help shape answers to questions like:

Corona ModelWhat did we do when we were locked inside without friends to play with?

How did we “go” to school?

What made these the “good old days?”

What made this time feel scary?

Take Heart…

Rest assured that someday we’ll all sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the sofa, delivering belly laughs with pats on the knee, kisses and hugs as we get out that pandemic scrapbook and vividly remember our personal history and sweet/sad memories of this unique time.

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