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Holiday in my Pocket 2

A Holiday in your Pocket!

Just a quick note of recognition for today, September 8, 2015, being International Literacy Day! Schools everywhere are stopping today to recognize and recommit to the value that literacy brings into children’s lives every day. I’ve mentioned here before that since I always have a book with me (yes ALWAYS, printed or digital) I am NEVER, […]


It’s Almost Book Lovers Day!

Reading and books are about sharing personal stories and knowledge. In that spirit, being a book lover, I searched online for a few terms that have particular importance to me, personally and professionally: books, libraries and reading. If you are a person who loves books and reading then you will find the following search results […]


Literacy Transforms

Transformation is big. Transformation is not just learning something new. It’s not just adjusting. It’s changing a way of being…in life. Like how caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. Most transformations are triggered by an event—some are huge, others not so much. Some transformation catalysts are even seemingly benign, like literacy. This concept of transformation is […]


NAG Kids to Help Them Catch the Summer Reading Bug

Kids tend not to read in the summertime. In school they are required to read, but when that structure falls away as the last dismissal bell tolls in the springtime, reading is so over for so many! Few of us care about whether kids continue to be good at sidewalk chalk art or riding skateboards […]

Teacher Appreciation

How to “Appreciate” a Teacher

Did you know 3.7+ million U.S. citizens are teachers, working with kids of all ages to prepare them for successful and rewarding lives in this ever changing and largely unpredictable world? Who comes to your mind when you hear the word “teacher?” A nun in full habit with a ready smile? A blue-haired woman in […]


Celebrate Earth…Literally

Being a literacy guy, reading and writing and books shape the lens through which I see pretty much everything. Earth Day comes around every year in the springtime to remind us that momma Earth needs our loving care if she is to sustain our growth. Here at Unite for Literacy we are all about growing […]