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How You Can Help Close the Digital Divide

Since the late ’90s, Internet connectivity increasingly has been a strategy to equalize education for all children. The lack of connectivity—also known as “digital divide”…the gap between technological haves and have-nots—remains challenging to close. It’s hard to know what to do about that, especially since computers, myriad other e-devices and connectivity are expensive…aren’t they? Maybe […]

Leading Kids to Reading

Who are the kids who don’t read? Who don’t find solace or adventure or entertainment between the pages of a book? Often, it’s the those kids who struggle, totally unnecessarily, in school and perhaps in life. Of course, it’s not a simple formula like: Reading books = School success and a promising life However, all […]

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Simply, Calmly, Read and Talk

Children who struggle in school often lack sufficient background information about the topics they are studying. They also can lack the language to express their own needs and respond productively in their interactions with others. These twin handicaps, taken together, can create a drag upon the academic development of children who otherwise might be soaring […]


What if They Don’t Love Books and Reading?

The love of books does not come easily to children whose parents aren’t readers or whose teachers don’t include this most important whole-child goal in their instructional practice. A love of books and reading needs to be in place if we expect anyone to be able to read beyond the basics. Avid readers not only […]

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Now THAT’s a Good Question

I just read an article[1] about adults being led in RE-learning how to ask good questions. Questions are so important in early learning that naturally I was interested, even though the article was aimed at those in business. Then I reflected on the RE part of re-learning. The authors cited figures about the declining numbers […]

Holiday in my Pocket 2

A Holiday in your Pocket!

Just a quick note of recognition for today, September 8, 2015, being International Literacy Day! Schools everywhere are stopping today to recognize and recommit to the value that literacy brings into children’s lives every day. I’ve mentioned here before that since I always have a book with me (yes ALWAYS, printed or digital) I am NEVER, […]


Literacy Transforms

Transformation is big. Transformation is not just learning something new. It’s not just adjusting. It’s changing a way of being…in life. Like how caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. Most transformations are triggered by an event—some are huge, others not so much. Some transformation catalysts are even seemingly benign, like literacy. This concept of transformation is […]

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Celebrate July 4th, Cultivate Independence

I learned recently that Ben Franklin didn’t think the 4th of July was a good choice of a date for celebrating our country’s independence. He thought the Declaration of Independence was a wonderful thing to assert of course, but he reflected that a better date for a holiday might coincide with the events that actually […]


Do What You Can

I’ve asserted before that the literacy in a community is not solely the province of schools and children. Schools and teachers do play an important part in the development of literacy, of course, but much is missed in school curricula that have evolved to become focused solely on teaching kids to do literacy to some […]

Teacher Appreciation

How to “Appreciate” a Teacher

Did you know 3.7+ million U.S. citizens are teachers, working with kids of all ages to prepare them for successful and rewarding lives in this ever changing and largely unpredictable world? Who comes to your mind when you hear the word “teacher?” A nun in full habit with a ready smile? A blue-haired woman in […]