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It’s about Children’s Questions

A three-step guide for parenting for school and life success is simply: Read books together Talk about what you read Relax and have fun! Unite for Literacy is naturally all about reading as a foundation for lifelong learning. However, the most powerful aspect of parenting little ones to be successful doesn’t necessarily involve reading at […]

Small Talk Pays Off

Paid parental leave is common throughout Europe and many developed countries. The U.S. has been a late comer to this concept, but more employers are adopting policies giving parents paid time off when children are born or adopted. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, paid parental leave benefits families and the labor market alike. […]

Grinding Through Reading Grit

We’ve all found ourselves in-over-our-heads in our reading. The material could be focused on a financial matter (or taxes?!), a high-level research document, a philosophical treatise or we may have decided to wade into something like James Joyce’s Ulysses. At some point, perhaps even early on, we came to the realization that we aren’t going […]

Father with daughter (6-7) reading book on sofa

Simply, Calmly, Read and Talk

Children who struggle in school often lack sufficient background information about the topics they are studying. They also can lack the language to express their own needs and respond productively in their interactions with others. These twin handicaps, taken together, can create a drag upon the academic development of children who otherwise might be soaring […]


Avid Reading Truth

Truth is a unique thing. It is a statement of what is so. Not what might be or could be. It’s what IS. When encountering the idea of truth, I typically consider phrases like “eternal truth” and events like legal testimony and of course the (ahem) truth declarations we associate with politicians.  We all operate […]


Babies are tough customers

Babies like what they like and while possibly being curious about new things, unless some immediate value is detected, they will pretty much ignore our offerings with a casual wave of the hand. They have no qualms about sharing their disapproval with us. Tough sale! So, how do we get our wee ones to like what WE […]

Read Talk Relax

What’s in a slogan

Just do it!* When you care enough to send the very best.** Share moments. Share life.*** These kinds of short phrases capture and solidify important messages in a single utterance that carries with it a much deeper meaning. They create a lasting, positive impression of the campaign that they represent. We have such things in […]

Old n Young

Sound the Alarm!

Consider this statement: “An alarming number of children in the U.S. never become accomplished musicians.” Well, okay. I’m thinking that shouldn’t be a surprise. Becoming an accomplished musician takes years of coaching, tons of practice and unflagging dedication to refining one’s technique. Okay, so instead, what if I asked you to consider, “An alarming number of children never […]

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Education Without Ends

I’ve been reading other blogs. Almost all of them are cleverly written and insightful and offer ideas and experiences that are just a little beyond my pitiful reach. I’m enjoying being more fully educated…about anything! This morning, I encountered two blogs that were particularly poignant for me, offering a new place for me to stand in […]